Larder One Name Study Statistics

Comparison of the Distribution of Larders Between 1881 and 1998

Larders in 1881 Census Larders in 1998

Whilst I've been researching the Larder surname, I've searched through countless records both on-line and in various records offices. I've also made contact with fellow researchers worldwide. During that time, I've amassed loads of data that, hopefully, I've analysed accurately. This page and the 3 other statistics pages show some really interesting facts and figures about Larders across the world.

The 1881 map and the 1998 map were both obtained from data available on the Public Profiler website that shows great UK and worldwide distribution of most surnames.

I guess that it's a good indication of my interest in names that my undergraduate dissertation was on &The Relevance of Personal Name Choice and I'm now studying for my Masters at Leicester University, again my disseration is on the subject of name and epithets. After completing that, I'm hoping to do my Doctorate. I haven't decided exactly what I want to research but am hoping to combine it with genealogical research (and names!!!).